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Dear Friend

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

Did she just say “go into the room, take a shower and wait for me on the bed”?

Another time, those words might be ‘music’ to Evan’s ears. But not now. The look on his face! He was embarrassed and confused.

His happiness turned to anger. But it’s what happened next that I’ll never forget.

How To Easily Meet
Attractive & Compatible Women
Without Risking A Single Cent

My name’s Nathamon Madison and the story I’m about to tell you is absolutely true.

If you’re a smart guy who’s looking for love and companionship with a devoted lady – you’ll be well rewarded by taking the time to read this carefully. You’re going to see how easily you can meet attractive and compatible women – all without risking a single cent.

But I should warn you – it’s not a story where everyone lives happily ever after.

Let me explain.

How Men Plan To
Fail With Women

It all started when Evan, a friend of my husband, came to visit. He’d lost his wife to cancer 4 years earlier and had just started dating again.

Like many people, Evan believed the internet would be an easy way to meet single women.

So he arrived in Thailand with photos of the ladies he’d met online. His plan was to meet them, one by one, and see who he liked the most.

Not a bad plan, right? But it soon became unstuck – as you’ll soon see.

Evan knew I owned “Meet Me Now Bangkok”. It’s a Matchmaking & Introduction service in Bangkok. My job is to make sure guys who come to Thailand don’t waste their time with mismatches and cheats.

My husband Michael suggested he check out my database of ladies.

Page-3 Evan had his list of women and
wanted to “do it right”.

For some reason, I’ll never know why, Evan said, no, because he wanted to “do it the right way.”

“Why does your friend think my business isn’t “the right way”?” I wanted to know.

“It’s up to him,” Mike shrugged.

Why Feeling Obligated
Is A Romance Killer

Evan got to work on his list. A coffee here, a dinner there, a meeting after work, a visit to her home. It seemed to be going well for him. Or so I thought.

Then he started acting weird.

His phone would ring and he’d say “I’d better not answer that”.
Or he’d refuse to meet us at our usual coffee shop.
I heard him fibbing on the phone. He’d say he’s feeling sick or was really busy at work.

One afternoon his face turned bright orange. His office in Sydney had called. Apparently a Thai lady kept ringing and needed to contact him urgently.

Evan asked Mike, “would Nathamon talk to this lady called Lilly and tell her I just want to be friends?”

Evan hated it when his office was called by someone he was trying to avoid. Evan hated it when his office was called
by someone he was trying to avoid.

So I did. But Lilly didn’t like the news. She explained why. She said for four months Evan had been planning to be with her in Thailand. He’d agreed to come and meet her parents. She even introduced him to her grandfather.


I explained to Lilly when a Westerner meets a girl’s parents it doesn’t mean the same thing as you think it does.

“So what does it mean?” she wanted to know.

“Not too much”, I said. “It’s a way to be polite. A way to get to know each other. It’s just a way to be friendly.”

“I’m not feeling very friendly, but thank you” was the last thing I heard from Lilly.

How Mismatches &
Will Rob You Of Your

Evan looked relieved when I said Lilly probably won’t be calling anymore.
“Okay, it’s for the best” he claimed. “She wasn’t really my type. I’m just embarrassed she would call my office like that.”

“Yes, I replied. “Hard to say who’s more embarrassed.”

“What do you mean?”

Mike helped me explain to Evan meeting a girl’s parents is like ‘sealing the deal’ – you’re going to marry her. Bringing her grandfather along is a sure sign things are serious. For her to misread that in front of everyone is going to be very embarrassing for her.

“But I never said I was going to marry her!” protested Evan.
“Where would she get that crazy idea from?
“How the hell are people supposed to get to know each other?”
“I thought it would be a good way to meet her old man and have a beer.”
“She’s gotta be crazy.”

Lilly wasn’t happy about Evan’s plans Lilly wasn’t happy about Evan’s plans

“Maybe, but think about it” Mike said.
“You’re both adults.
You’re both planning to marry someone.
You connect online. It’s friendly. It’s romantic. You’re flying from miles away. You’re coming to see her. And you agree to meet her parents.
So in her mind – It’s On.”

“That’s bloody ridiculous,” Evan continued. “A man’s got to know if he’s even physically attracted first, right? Okay, from now on, no more parents.”

Evan found out it’s good to have a big list of ladies, but it’s bad if you don’t know how to handle that list.

There’s no doubt about it – you should meet lots of women when you’re looking for the right one. It’s important you do.

The problem is women are experts at getting guys to feel obligated. You shouldn’t underestimate how skilfully women can shut down your dating options. It’s a skill we’re born with. You know it’s happening when you start to feel awkward or start to avoid someone. Some time guys tell me they feel like their cheating just by continuing the search. And they’re not even in the relationship yet!

It’s not good – because you need space to find out how you really feel.

Yes, it’s a balance – you must keep things neutral enough to not become obligated and yet spicy enough to show the lady a relationship’s possible.

That’s why my system is so successful. You have the perfect way to meet dozens of ladies and still keep your space – until you know who’s right for you.

If It Looks Too Good
To Be True…

Of all the girls he’d met online, Evan said there’s one who’s ‘Number One’.

“Ann’s the girl I’ve got the most chemistry with” he said. “And she looks great. Here, see what I mean.”

Wow, she did look great. We passed around print-outs of a stunning, 25 year old lady wearing some very intimate outfits.

The problem was Evan hadn’t met her yet. Ann lived 2 hours north of Bangkok and Evan hadn’t had the chance to get out of the city.

But the weekend was coming up and Ann had time off work. Evan had swapped things around to get 2 days in the clear. Great – he could spend it with Ann without being disturbed.

This time he wasn’t going to meet any parents. He wanted to do it right.
Turns out, she thought being alone was the best thing, too.

Mike told me, “Evan wants to meet this girl alone”.
“Why? I asked. It’s way out in the country. He’ll be by himself.”
“He wants to be by himself. Mike replied. Apparently, she wants him to be alone, too.”
“In that case, we’re definitely going.” I said.

I had a hunch, and if I was right, it could be dangerous for Evan.

You should know it’s normal for a Thai lady to bring a friend along on a first date. I suppose we think it helps, especially if things don’t work out. It keeps the meeting “social.”

So it’s strange if a lady insists a guy come see her alone. Especially on his first trip to her town. Do you know what I mean?

I started to feel suspicious, but not for the reason you might think.

How We Fall In Love
With A Crazy Idea

“Evan, what sort of work does your friend do?” I asked.
We had a two hour trip. I thought I’d do a bit of detective work.

“Ann’s a clerical assistance at the primary school”, replied Evan.

“I see, do you have any photos of her at work?” I asked.

Michael gave me a sideways glance. He knew where I was going.
“Evan, Nathamon’s got some concern Ann might not be …umm…exactly what she says.” he offered.

Evan looked at us like we had just insulted his mum.
“You mean, you think she’s a whore?” he shot back.
“Why? Because she likes to wear sexy outfits?
“That’s ridiculous.”
“Why would she bother to stay in touch with me for so long?”
“She’s never even asked me for money – not even once.”
“You think I can’t find a lady on my own?”

I could see Evan had become over “invested” in his idea of Ann.
It’s a common thing – especially when meeting online.
We get attached to the idea of a person, before we really know them.

Evan felt his own integrity was being attacked.

“Evan, I’m not worried she’s trying to take your money for sex.” I said. “I’m worried she’s just going to take it.”

He missed my point.

“I’m worried she might be planning to drug and rob you.” I finished.

“You guys are crazy,” he mumbled, shaking his head.

Why Some Guys Are Their
Own Worst Enemy

As we drove into town, Evan was supposedly getting directions via text message to Ann’s house.

But when we pulled into a motel car park, even Evan agreed, it was a bit strange.

“I’ve got to get a map from Reception.” he said, jumping out.

I watched him walk across the car park.
“Why doesn’t he want any advice?

“He’s his own man, Nat”, said Michael.
“Look, don’t take it personally. I just don’t think he wants help. And probably not from another lady. I think he wants to win “the chase”. You know, capture her heart all by himself.

“It’s not an Olympic event, Mike. I just want to make sure he’s not wasting his time.” I replied.

Evan jumped back in the car. “That’s odd”, he said.

“What’s odd?” asked Mike.

“Well, there’s no map to Ann’s house. The Receptionist only gave me this room key.” he said, holding out a key with an oversized plastic number dangling from the end.

“Oh, wow. Mike grinned. And look, it’s the furthest room from the main road – Game On!

“Evan you need to let me talk to Ann. You should let me find out what’s going on.” I said.

“No, she doesn’t know you guys are here.” he replied.

“Then you should call her yourself and find out.” I insisted.

How Smart Guys Insist
On Acting Dumb

As Evan dialled the number he said, “We’ve never actually talked on the phone before”.

“But you’ve spoken to her on Skype, right?” I asked.
“No, we’ve just texted and emailed.” he said.

“Evan – have you seen her on Skype? You know what she looks like, right? I asked.

“Just those photos,” he said.

“Evan, I think you’re being set up. It’s really not good.” I said, but I could see he didn’t think so.

Why do smart guys act dumb when it comes to dating? Evan didn’t think he was at risk, but he really was.

I probably don’t need to tell you in Thailand there’s been some cases of guys being ‘date raped’. Except they don’t get raped, they just get drugged and robbed.

I once had a client come to me and tell me he’d been drugged. He woke to find everything missing from his room. Money, watch, passport. He was devastated – but at least he wasn’t harmed.

He’d been partying with two girls he’d met in a club the night before. He swears he was sober and there was no reason he should’ve passed out. It was the security camera that caught them all going to his room around 2am and the two girls leaving at 2.15am. By the time he woke up, the next afternoon, they were long gone.

Look – I don’t advocate prostitution and we have nothing to do with sex tourism. But if it’s something you’re going to do, you should make sure you follow the rules.

You should know where the girl ‘works’. You should see her ID. You should know how to find the bar she’s working from. You should meet her Mama-san. You see, these places don’t want trouble and knowing how to find the girl again is usually some insurance.

Setting The Bait

As Evan’s phone started dialling he put the speaker on. We all leaned in.

A voice answered in Thai. A lady’s voice. A lady in her forties, surely?

Evan held up one hand.
He asked, “Hello? Is Ann there? This is Evan. From Australia. Is Ann there? Hello?

“Oh really? Evan? Yes. This is Ann,” the lady hesitantly replied.
There were muffled voices.
A hand covering the mouth piece.
A man’s voice.
Voices in Thai but nothing I could make out.

“Ann? Is that you?” Evan repeated.
You could see he was having trouble matching the voice with the photos.
As we all were.

“Look, I went to Reception. They have no map. They only gave me a key.” Evan continued.

The old woman’s voice came back and the background was noticeably quieter.
“Evan? Yes. I Ann. No problem. I come. Go to the room, take shower and wait me on the bed.” the voice said over the speaker phone.

Definitely the voice of an lady, in her forties.

Evan asked again, “Ann? This isn’t Ann? Where’s Ann? Can I speak with Ann?”

“Yes, I Ann, the voice insisted. “I come see you now. I miss you sooo much.”

Evan snapped the phone shut and we all started talking at once.

Mike said, let’s park the car and see who turn’s up. But we’ll need to watch it. There’s probably going to be more than just her.

I offered to call back and confront her.

Evan said, you guys can do what you want, I’m going home.

Why All Thai Women
Must Be Hell Bent On
Cheating Guys

You can hurt people in many ways.
Physically, financially, loss of time, just to name three.
But emotionally is a particularly nasty way.

When girls are hurt we tend to sob and tell anyone who’ll listen all about our pain. At least we get the healing effects of “daylight” onto our wounds.

Not so much you guys, right?
No. The pain gets pushed down. It’s supposed to go away all by itself in “time”.
But does it?
Or does the hurt only come out in other ways?

Evan was angry. He felt foolish. Humiliated.
He hated that the whole reason for being here just unraveled – right in front of us.

During the awkward drive back to Bangkok, I knew he also felt LOSS.

You see, he had become attached to the idea of Ann.
The one with the “right chemistry”.
He’d traveled so far to see her and thought about her for so long.
And now she didn’t even exist.
The hope of any future happiness with her was gone.
And in it’s place?
The realisation he was being played like a fool.

“I guess that’s one for the books, eh?” offered Mike.

“Yep, live and learn,” he replied stoically.

“You know, Evan, you can have a look at the profiles of our ladies at Meet Me Now Bangkok” I started to say.

With that, Evan tee’d off.
I mean what came out of his mouth would’ve made a sailor blush.
Effing this and effing that.
Thai women this, Thai women that.

 Evan told the world the truth about Thai women Evan told the world the truth about Thai women

Evan unleashed.

All Thai women were in a conspiracy against him.
To hell with them.
He’s doesn’t give a damn anymore.
They’re all blood sucking bitches.

And on and on.

Mike suggested he make a YouTube video to warn other guys, while winking at me.

I returned my best “don’t make it worse” look.

I’d like to tell you I rescued Evan from his misery.
I’d like to tell you that I introduced him to Miss Perfect and they fell madly in love.
I’d like to tell you they’re now living happily together.

But that’s not what happened.

Evan was good for his word.
When he said he was going home, he meant it.

He cut his trip to Thailand short and flew back to Australia.
We’ve not heard much from Evan ever since.

He remained bitter towards Thai women.
And in some way, with me, too.

I know. That’s not fair. It’s not my fault.
Don’t worry – I’m not accepting the responsibility.
Just like I’m not taking the blame for all those guys on YouTube who made their own bad choices.

But I’d be fibbing if I said what happened to Evan had no effect on me.
It made me think about how we work at Meet Me Now Bangkok.

I realised there’s gotta be a way I can make sure my clients don’t get the stuffing kicked out of them like Evan.

The good news is we’ve put together a system for guys (and ladies) who want to find a life partner without becoming easy prey to wanna-be-scammer and mismatches.

The best part is, it WORKS, as you’ll soon see.

“The Smart Man’s Way To
Love & Happiness
With The Right Thai Woman”

But first, what’s all this got to do with you? It’s very simple.

You see, I believe, there’s lots of guys like Evan. And if you’ve read this far, it’s possible you’re a lot like him too.

How so? I hear you ask.

Well, for one thing, Evan was hoping to find real love. There’s no doubt about it. He wasn’t trying to play the field and see how many girls he could snap up for a night.

And still he got seriously burnt.

The crazy thing is I know so many gorgeous women who’d be over-the-moon for a chance to be with a guy like him. Yet because he allowed himself to be such an easy victim, everyone missed out.

Know this: with a slightly different approach and a little bit of local knowledge – everything could’ve been so much easier and so much better for Evan.

My question to you is what are kind of relationship are you looking for?

Are you like Evan, too? Are you looking for a beautiful person, inside and out? The kind of lady you’d feel proud to stand by your side? A true partner in life. A woman who could be the greatest love of your life?

If so, you should look very carefully at what we do. Because that’s exactly what we’re here for. And you’d be smart to see why we’re so different.

Nathamon’s Powerful Formula –
Curing Life’s Loneliness While Preventing
Mismatches & Wanna-Be-Scammers From
Wasting Your Time & Money

There are 7 important facts you should know about me and my system and why we’re different from other dating agencies:

Fact Number 1:
I Personally Meet Every Lady
Before You Do

It’s important that I do. That’s because you’ll save time and money in the long run. And maybe even serious heartache.

Evan’s not the first guy (or girl) to get scammed.

You should know, in this industry, it’s common for an Agency to promote photos of girls without checking if she’s real, fake, married, single, dead or alive. Those Agency don’t care – because it’s not their problem how things turn out. They just want your money, now.

Can you imagine? Spending months getting attached to a lady only to find it’s all a scam! It’s devastating. And worse, it could be dangerous.

So I make it my job to met every lady in person. In fact, we take many of the photos of our ladies ourselves in our own studio.

Guess what that means for the wanna-be scammers?

That’s right, they hate it. They don’t want to meet me. They don’t want to show their ID. They don’t want to share their background info.

Oh, I get all sorts of excuses and bitchiness. “I’m too busy to come to your office.” “It’s so far.” On and on, they go.

 I personally meet all the ladies I promote before you do. I personally meet all the ladies
I promote before you do.

Too bad, I tell them. Men are traveling from overseas to visit you. If you can’t make the effort just to come to my office, you’re not so serious.

The good news is thousands of women have joined us. I mean attractive, sexy, lovely ladies with fine jobs who are looking for love and companionship.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Because I’ll soon show you how you can see for yourself without risking a single cent.

Fact Number 2:
We Don’t Offer
Sex Tours

You should know some Agency’s try to blur the line.

They promote the idea of “finding a wife” when what they mean is “come join our sex tour.”

Ask yourself what you want. Because it’s important you can spot the difference.

Look, on a sex tour, you want sex and the girl wants money. She’s motivated by money. She’s turned up to meet your money.

Don’t be confused. Because you’ve got next to no chance detaching her affection from your money and onto you. (And should you even want to? But that’s a topic for another time.)

If it’s just sex you want, then a “Find-Your-Bride-Tour” maybe okay for you.

But if it’s real love you’re looking for a “Bride Tour” is going to be an expensive waste of your time.

You’re way ahead using my system. That’s because our ladies want to meet you. They’re excited about meeting a man they can fall in love with and build a future together.

It’s a big difference.

Our ladies are looking
to build a loving

Fact Number 3:
You Choose Who You
Want To Meet

I know. It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Of course, you should choose who you want to meet. And I agree.

But don’t forget most Agencies running dating tours simply send you off to “socials events” filled with any girl they can get to show up on the night.

The Agency bribes the girls with gifts and incentives so they’ll turn up. In fact, most girls are on an incentive programs just to get you chatting. It’s why they make you pay for each piece of communication.

As my client, you’ll know the lady is there because she’s motivated by the fact she gets to meet you.

You see, we don’t pay ladies to chat, flirt or pretend to be affectionate. So when she does, you can know, it’s because of you.

So you’re going to choose the ladies you meet on your personal dating tour. Yes, we’ll help you work out a short list and you’ll get the benefit of our insight into each ladies profile, but it’ll be your call.

In fact, as part of my 10 Day Risk Free Trial Offer, you’ll see who’s ready to meet you now, without risking a single cent.

Fact Number 4:
You Choose When You
Want To Meet

You’re a busy guy, right?

You should be able to meet ladies when it suits you – not when it fits into our timetable.

That’s what most agencies do. They organise one or two events per year and make you fit in with the herd. It’s because they think it eats into their profits too much to organise individual events. Which is true, it does cost more.

Look – I suppose if I just wanted your money and didn’t care whether the system worked or not, maybe we’d do it too.

But that’s not what we do. Instead we customise a fun filled dating program at a time convenient to you.

Just let me know when you want to start your Dating Events program and I’ll take care of the rest.

But that’s not all.

A fun filled dating program
that’s customised to suit your

Fact Number 5:
Our Dates Are
One on One

How about this? Dating with someone you like, while doing something fun together?

Maybe a simple coffee date, or a romantic dinner, or a river cruise, or a movie show, perhaps a cooking class, maybe an art class, or bush walks, and so on.

Sounds good, right?

We know it’s important to have some quality time alone with your lady. So we create events that are private and something you can both enjoy together.

You know, most Agency’s won’t make the effort to organise such personalised events. They feel there’s not enough money in it. So they organise you into a pack and bus you from one “social” to another.

At the social there’s a group of girls waiting with their interpreters. You have a limited time before you need to get back on the bus, so you’ve got to get the attention of the hot girl before some other guy does.

If you think drinking with the boys is a good way to find your wife, then this is for you.

If you’d rather spend quality time alone with your date and let her get to know the real you, then you’re going to love my system.

Are you curious to see which ladies are ready to meet you now? Good. Because I’m going to show you how you can find out without risking a single cent and all from the comfort of your living room chair.

Do something fun together
and let her get to know
the real you.

Fact Number 6:
We Help You With
Visas & Marriage Planning

Many of our ladies have left Thailand and joined their men overseas.

They’ve gone to countries like Australia, USA, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Canada and so on.

But don’t think it’s all one way traffic.

Lot of guys decide to live here with their wives and girlfriends, too.

So when the time comes, we’re able to help smooth out those visa issues. Our friends are in the best agencies and can assist with all immigration issues.

If you’re smart, you’ve asked the question, why would a Thai lady want to marry a foreign guy and leave her family and home? She must be desperate, right?

Are there desperate women out there? Sure there are.
My job is to find out what motivates a girl to join my agency.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking my ladies are so desperate, they’ll sell themselves just to get a bowl of food.

You’ll soon see your ladies come from good backgrounds and have fine jobs.

 Our ladies are looking for the right relationship not to be rescued from Thailand Our ladies are looking for the
right relationship not to be
rescued from Thailand

They’re looking for the same thing as you are. The chance to find love and happiness by being in a devoted relationship.

Fact Number 7:
Our Clients Become
Our Friends

You’re more than a Client, you’re a friend.

Maybe its your first trip to Thailand or you’ve been here many times. As our friend, we’re here to make your stay successful.

Naturally, we can be your point of contact. We can help with hotel bookings, cars and drivers, shopping, guides, must see attractions, visa, banking, and legal. And so on.

What I mean is, you’ve got a friend in Thailand. Our service doesn’t stop just because it’s the end of your Dating Events program.

Maybe you’d like to meet new members or get reacquainted with old friends, we’re going to keep working for you. It’s what friends do, right?

You’ve got a friend in Thailand
even after your Dating Events

How To Break Out Of Your Rut
& Start Enjoying The
Companionship Of A
Loving Lady

Lots of guys are stuck in a rut. It’s not easy to find compatible partners.

If you’re like many single guys you’re probably fed up with the man-hating, feminist nonsense. It’s like western women want to cut men down to size. It’s just crazy.

 Guys are fed up with the man-hatingmindset of many westernwomen Guys are fed up with the man-hating
mindset of many western

No wonder guys are pouring into Asian countries and finding their wives and girlfriends. Did you know the number of Western – Thai marriages is on the rise! And the divorce rate is much lower compared to Western couples.

I don’t pretend to be an expert sociologist. But I know this: We Thai women have no problem with masculine men. We want to be led by a strong guy. We love the idea of a loving family, standing by our man, and being devoted to him.

And we like being feminine.
We don’t think that makes us weak.
We want to live with a masculine man and build our family together.
Not cut him down.

Of course, you must find the right lady with the right heart.
That’s always been true. There’s big problems if you don’t.

But the good news is, you can find her. Because with my system it couldn’t be easier, safer or more fun.

How to break out of a rut and find your loving lady? It’s easy.

Do what other guys have done and come be my guest here in Thailand and have the time of your life meeting eligible, sexy and compatible women on your own personal dating tour.

Everyone asks, do I have to come to Thailand? Really?

Oh come on. It’s less than 24 hours away – no matter where you are on the planet!

Look, you can’t do this from a webcam or with a mail order catalog. You must meet woman personally and you must meet LOTS of women.

Yes, you should meet as many as you can. It seldom works, if you become obligated to just one lady over the internet – before you’ve even met!

Here’s why this is going to be fantastic for you…

Imagine. Fun-Filled & Exciting
Dates With Beautiful, Thai Women
Who Are Looking For A Lasting & Fulfilling

If you’d like to experience a proven way of successfully finding lasting love, please read carefully and see how we can make it happen for you, too.

As our VIP Platinum Member look what you’ll get:

  • Initial and Ongoing Consultation. Let’s talk together. We want to understand your circumstances and the qualities of the lady you’d be proud to have at your side.
  • Profile Promotion. We’ll promote you. We’ll feature you to our exclusive database of eligible ladies. No, we will not just pass your profile around to other agencies randomly. Our database are ladies we know to be genuine and sincere. Don’t worry – we won’t be blasting your photo on a some public website, either. After all, this is your private business.
  • Replies Are Sorted. We’ll filter your replies and make double sure they are from ladies that meet your criteria. You’ll have lot’s of replies come back from ladies who are keen to know you more. It doesn’t mean that want to fly off and get married. But it does mean they’d love to know you more and would like to talk.
  • Choose Your Hot List. It’s where you get to make a Not-So-Short-List of the women you find attractive and eligible. Don’t worry, you won’t be stumbling in the dark. We’re ready to follow up on any profile questions you need to know. And of course, we’ll help to start communication with the ladies. Through chat, email, voice and camera you’ll know the ladies are genuine and worth your time checking out more closely.
  • Plan Your Dating Events Tour. The internet’s a help but it’s not going to get the job done! You need to meet these ladies in person. And not just one lady. No. As many as you can. So we’re going to make your trip to Bangkok as fun, easy and exciting as possible. Because we’ll organise the ladies on your Hot List into an itinerary of fun-filled dates. You’ll have a blast and discover who has that special spark for you.
  • Return Tickets To Bangkok. Come be my guest in Bangkok. We’ll fly you on return flight tickets from your nearest city to sensational Bangkok.
  • Stay 10 Days and 10 Nights in Bangkok. Enjoy a fantastic stay at a luxury 4 star hotel right in the city centre and conveniently located near my office. (breakfast incl.)
  • Airport Transfers To Your Hotel. We’ll meet you at the airport and bring you directly to your hotel in ease and comfort after your long flight. And we’ll make sure your back there in style when it’s time to go home
  • Complimentary Car & Driver For All Your Dating Events. We’ll get you and your date to all the venues and all the fun in ease and style with your own car and driver. Just relax. Enjoy the crazy traffic and your beautiful company.
  • A Selection of Fun, Romantic, Adventurous Things To Do With Your Date – Organised For You. There’s lots to do and see in Bangkok. Enjoy venues in the city and trips to historic and fascinating places, too. Sure, your date is going to want to be your guide – but we’ll plan events you’ll both enjoy and cover the cost of any applicable admissions.
  • The Love, Care & Attention Of Me & My Team Making Sure Everything Goes Like A Charm.
  • And Of Course, Personal Introductions & One on One Dates With Fabulous, Eligible Ladies You’ve Chosen To Meet.
  • PLUS…Life Membership To Our Thai Lady Date Finder Database Of Single Ladies.

What that means is, as our VIP Member, even after your ten days and nights in Bangkok, you’re welcome to call on us at any time. Heck, you’re even welcome to continue to connect with new ladies who may have joined us afterwards. Want to meet more ladies over coffee? No problem. We’ll even arrange coffee date meetings with any lady you want to meet, right here in our city office in Bangkok.

It’s just like being a Life Member.

Yes, I know. You don’t want to date-for-life. You want a partner for life.

It simply means there’s no rush. No pressure to make a decision.
I’m not kicking you out the door after ten days. We’re going to be here for you as long as you’d like us to be. You can continue to connect with as many ladies as you wish.

And let’s face it, why wouldn’t we do so?

You see, we know you’re a good guy and we know there’s lovely ladies joining us all the time, who want to meet you. We want you both to find lasting happiness.

“Don’t You Dare Sell This
For Less Than $9997″

I’m sure you can see. It takes a lot of effort to give you the best experience and the greatest chance of finding the right women.

Profiling ladies, introductions, organising schedules, flights, cars, drivers, venues, staff costs, and of course, my love and care making sure it all just works.… on and on it goes.

So when I was figuring out what I needed to charge for all this my Accountant said, “Nathamon, don’t you dare sell this for less than $9997.

He’s probably right. And don’t get me wrong, I’m do value good advice when it comes to money.

But I really want to make this a super special VALUE packed deal.

I want to make it easy for any guy who’s looking for his love to know it’s all possible.

That’s Why My VIP Platinum Member’s Package Today Is Just $6997

And it can be paid in 4 x Easy-To-Manage instalments of just $1750.


It couldn’t be easier to get the ball rolling. All you need to do is click here and fill in the Express Interest Form.

If you’re reading this offline – when you’re on your computer just go to:


Fill in the form. Answers those easy questions and sent it off to me.

I’ll call you at a convenient time – just to confirm you’re not some spammy robot or crazy scammer.

Send no money. Just let me know you’re a legally single guy who’s ready to find a lady who could be the love of your life.

We’ll have a confidential, no-obligation chat and go from there.

Don’t delay – send me your Expression of Interest today.

If You Don’t Fix
Your Love Life Now,
You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Look. When I say “don’t delay” it’s important you don’t.

It’s too easy to let another year slip by. And then another. And another.
How long are you going to stay single? How long are you going to miss out on what should by your best years?

You know you deserve more.

It can be difficult to make a change when you’ve been alone for so long. You become stuck in your ways, right?

Maybe you’re beginning to accept your fate.
Perhaps you’re starting to think, ‘I guess this is the way it’s gotta be.’

Hey, snap out of it!!
It’s not the way it’s gotta be.

Look, you don’t have to be perfect to find the One who’s perfect for you. It’s not as if there’s no one who wants to share their love with you.

Believe it. I’m going to show you dozens of attractive and eligible ladies who are hoping for their chance to know you, right now.

They’re not being paid to pretend.
They’re not being paid to get you to use the system.
They’re only motivated by the prospect of love and building a home together with their man.

And I’ll show you who I mean for FREE!

So here’s your opportunity.

For just the cost of a holiday – you can have a really great holiday PLUS get all the benefits of my proven system and find the most special person in your world.

There’s no doubt about it. It’s an important investment. Because there’s no investment more important to your future happiness then having the right women by your side.

The Most Comfortable, No-Hassle
Way To Meet Eligible Women – Or
Your Money Back

Who’s ever heard of a “guarantee” in the Dating Industry?
Not me. I bet you haven’t either.

And do you know why we haven’t heard of a guarantee?

That’s because it’s too hard. No one wants to do the hard work.
But not with Meet Me Now Bangkok. Let me show you my guarantee.

But first – don’t forget – here’s a break down of what you get as my Platinum Member:

  1. Initial & Ongoing Consultation.
  2. Your Profile Promotion
  3. Your Replies Are Sorted
  4. Profile Insight So You Can Choose Your Hot List.
  5. Planning for Your Dating Events Tour.
  6. Return Tickets To Bangkok
  7. 10 Days and 10 Nights Accommodation in Bangkok
  8. Airport Transfers To Your Hotel.
  9. Complimentary Car & Driver For All Your Dating Events.
  10. A Selection of Fun, Romantic, Adventurous Things To Do With Your Date – Organised For You
  11. The Love, Care & Attention Of Me & My Team Making Sure Everything Goes Like A Charm.
  12. And Of Course, Personal Introductions & One on One Dates With Fabulous, Eligible Ladies You’ve Choose To Meet.
  13. PLUS…Life Membership To Our Thai Lady Date Finder Database Of Single Ladies.

Not $9997 – Only $6997
Or 4 x Easy Payments of $1750

My Guarantee
To You

As you can see, there’s a lot of value (and a lot of fun) joining us on your own Dating Events tour.

But what happens, if like Evan, the ladies you come to meet are not who they say are?

What if they’re much older then what they say they are?
What if they’re much younger?
What if she’s not the Doctor she told you, but works in a strip club?
What if she tells you she has no kids, but actually has seven?
What if she’s not even single?
What if she’s not even a lady? (Don’t scoff. I could tell you stories.)

In other words, what if they’re simply wasting your precious time?
It’s not good. And people get bitter because of it.

I’m determined it won’t happen to the guys who’ve placed their trust in me.

My guarantee to you is this: The ladies you meet on your Dating Events Program will be just as described in their profile – or your money back.
This means she will look like she does in her photo.
Her age will be accurately described.
Her work will be accurately described.
Her marital status will be accurately described.
Yes, she will be a lady!

In other words, you can know you’re spending your valuable time with ladies who are eligible and “as described” in their profile – or your money back.

Yes, I’ll give you your money back. If she scams us both, I don’t see why you should suffer – while I profit. I’d rather give you your money back as my way of saying sorry for wasting your time.

Why would I make such a guarantee?
It’s simple. I don’t swap or buy profiles from dealers who have no way of knowing who’s legit and who’s a fake. Me and my team take the time to meet our ladies personally.

That’s great for you. Because even before you’ve arrived in Bangkok, you’ll know all the ladies you’ve chosen to date are eligible and there for all the right reasons.

Meet & Match For 10 Days & See
Who’s Hot For You!
Absolutely FREE

Feeling skeptical? Heard it all before?

I’m not surprised. Given the track record of the Dating Industry.
I think your wise to be skeptical

So how can you know you’re not going to waste you time on a wild goose chase?

Here’s how: take advantage of my RISK FREE Offer. Let me work for you for ten days and see for yourself how many gorgeous, attractive and eligible women are ready to meet you.

Give me just ten days and I’ll show you those ladies who match your criteria and who want to date with you – absolutely FREE.

Yes. Think about it. I’ll introduce you. You’ll be able to exchange letters. You’ll even be able to see your favourites on Skype, so you can see and hear each other. It’s the next best thing to being here.

If after ten days, there’s no one who lights your candle, no loss, no foul.
You haven’t risked a single cent.

But – what if there is someone? What if there is chemistry? Don’t you owe it to yourself to see if that spark can grow into a flame of genuine love and passion?

Look, I’ll be honest. I know you’re going to be pumped up when you see how many beautiful ladies there are who want to meet you. I really do. There’s going to be a whole bunch of ‘em.

Do you know what will happen then?

It’s this – you’re going to have the happy dilemma of suddenly having so many women and not knowing which one to choose.

I’ll make no secret about it – I want you to come and date those ladies using my Dating Events program and find the Right One for you.

But I know you don’t know that yet. You have no reason to believe me.
That’s why I’m happy for you to test my system and see for yourself.
No obligation. 100% Risk Free. Is it fair?

Why Would I Make
Such An Offer?

Let me ask you a question. Do you know anyone else who’ll work with you for ten days and introduce you to eligible women who match your criteria – for FREE?

What’s that? You say you don’t? And do you know why?
You’re right, again – because it’s takes time and costs money.

So why am I offering you such a good deal?

The reason is simple.

It’s because I’m annoyed. To be honest, I’m annoyed at always having guys come to me after they’ve been to some dodgy agency where they get conned.

You see, time and time again, I listen to stories from people who’ve been victims of the same old scams within my industry. Scams that prey on guys (and girls) who are simply looking for a real relationship.

Any scam that robs people of their money is never good, but when it deliberately targets people who are vulnerable and full of hope, well….you have to be a special kind of low life…

That’s why it’s far better to try my system first and for FREE.

You’ll soon see how easy it is to find love and true happiness with a gorgeous Thai lady. Afterwards, if you still want to be conned, you can do so, but at least you won’t have lost any money.

And another thing.

I’m also fed up with dating sites that don’t want couples to get together. It’s true. Think about it. That’s just two more members they have to find replacements for.

So they get you to chat endlessly with women and keep paying. They give those girls money to fake affection and keep you running – like a rat on a wheel.

Here’s the difference. My ladies aren’t interested in chatting for money. They already have a job and it’s a real lover they’re looking for.

That’s a huge difference. I hope you see it. Because if it’s real love you’re looking for, you’re going to be way ahead by taking advantage of my Free Offer.

Many Guys Now Have Loving
Wives & Girlfriends Who Never
Thought They Could

There’s another reason why I’m making this offer to you.

The simple truth is, I get immense personal satisfaction seeing couples come together. I love going to the weddings of our couples. We even have a new generation of kids who are in the world because of our work.

Your idea might not be to get married and have kids. But you still deserve the love and companionship of a life partner, right?

The great news is our system can find her and you’ll have lots of fun and friendship along the way.

Call me sentimental. (I suppose it’s true). But I believe a dating system should get out of the way and let men and women who are searching for each other do so, without trying to scam every last dollar out of them.

It’s a thrill to be at the
wedding of our couples
What a joy to meet the
children of our couples

Here’s My Happy Walls
I’d Love To Add You Too

When you come to my office, you’ll see lots of photos of guys on the walls. Just like you, they wondered whether to trust me with their time and money.

They’re now glad they did. You will be too. But you don’t have to take my work for it. If you’d like to talk to other guys who have used my service, just ask – I’ll put you in touch.

I’m honoured when people
put their trust in me.
“Thanks Nathamon and the Meet Me Now Bangkok team.
This has meant a fresh start after a lot of loneliness.”Tony & Rain, Stockholm, Sweden
I’m 3 months into this program and loving it.
Lot of support and advice. You’ll feel like they not just after your money.
Nathamon and team will find you the best match.Steve, K.L., Malaysia
“We want to say thank you Nathamon and the team at Meet Me Now
Bangkok.It feels great to have finally found each other. ”David and Naraporn, Alberta, Canada
“The service from Nathamon & her team is
highly recommended. It feels like you are coming
into a family. They really care and pay attention
to what you’re looking for. They follow up and
call and I’ve had an exceptional time meeting
an exceptional lady”Mr Bruce, Arizona, USA
“Yes, I was very skeptical and I thought there was no way this
could be done. But I’ve gone from a very lonely life
and met many fantastic girls and really found my dream girl here.” Charles & Jo, Perth, Australia
“Thank you so much to bring such joy &
happiness into our life. We will always be grateful
for what you have done and your kindness.”Oliver & Deaw, Paris, France
“To Nathamon, Kate, Mint, Art & all the family at
Meet Me Now Bangkok you have been wonderful
to me and my Rudy. We love you all.” Louis & Rudy, Grimsby, UK

How To Break Out Of Your Rut
& Start Enjoying The
Affection & Companionship
Of A Loving Lady

Here’s how to say goodbye to loneliness and start enjoying the thrill of a passionate love life. It couldn’t be easier.

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Incidentally, “Mai Dai Mai Dai” means “Cannot, Cannot”

He thinks I’m crazy and can’t wait to tell me, “Buk laew chai mai” – which means, “I told you so.”

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